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                     is a world class stage production 

showcasing the music of John Lennon and  featuring the eerily "Lennon-like" Otto D'Agnolo who's voice and physical presence  so resemble the man that people often say “it's as if he channels the very spirit of John Lennon”.   


     Multiple costume changes performed on stage allow this transformation, responding to his audiences' longing to re-connect with this unforgettable icon. 


     Not to be confused with typical "tribute" shows,  D'Agnolo never pretends to be John Lennon, instead, he shares the many ways John's music has influenced his own life and award winning music career.  As the show unfolds with faithful renditions of twenty of John Lennon's songs, D'Agnolo slowly takes on his Lennon persona right before the audience’s eyes.  


       There is no other concert like this.  It truly is that once in a lifetime chance to feel like you're watching John Lennon live in concert.  

For booking, call or text 
Robert at Rossi Talent Management (213) 280-6351 

featuring Lennon Illusionist  Otto D

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