"The Sweetheart Deal"

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a letter from the director

This original full length screenplay was initially produced as a short, released in 2016 featuring actress Sandy Penny as the lead.  Upon completion, cast and crew agreed that making the full length feature would be a worthwhile endeavor.  Work began in the summer of 2017 to complete this "no budget" feature length film.  By December, the holiday schedule brought the production to a halt.    Momentum to finish was lost, people got involved in other projects and The Sweetheart Deal sat on the shelf for seven months.  A renewed commitment to finishing the film found it's own challenges.  Not least of which, was the loss of our leading male actor, who would no longer be available, leaving key scenes unfinished.  Scheduling conflicts caused the loss of another.  Normally, this could put an end to any production but while considering the effort already spent by so many for so little, getting the film finished was the only option I would consider.  So re-writing came into play to solve the missing scenes and this little romantic comedy became a strange kind of biography of the film itself. (There's something to be said for small independent projects because they can turn on a dime if need be.)

Production and post production are  now complete. Thanks to all our supporters, cast, crew and venues for all you've done to help bring this movie to a television or hand held device near you before the end of 2019!  Time to start number two but this time with a healthy budget.

- Otto D'Agnolo, director/ writer,

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Sandy Penny as Haley

Otto D'Agnolo as Writer

Johnny Zapp and André Linnartz as Cole 

Otto D'Agnolo as Voice of Cole

Tabitha Spivey as Natalie

Sandy Kim as Allison

Nadine Jackson as Shanice 

Korbe Canida as Holly

Phillip Arran as Mal

Macky McMasters as Pam

Ken Ronk as Andy

Britian Booda Bhattan as Robert

Julio-César Sauceda-Lara as Clifford

William Bill Connor as Mark 

Natalie Maher as Rachel

Ries Chuba as Stewart

Lindsey Lockwood as Sissy

Lisa Callan as Julie

Jason Issak as Kevin

Daniel Blunk as Lou

Jadi Norris as Uber Driver

Caesar Bach as Guy in Bed 

Otto D'Agnolo as Man in Black

Alex McCaughey as Dylan

Bronsen Bruce and Cody Christian as Tom

Tatiana Brisbon as Secretary

Irin "Iroc" Daniels as Singer

Izeah Harrison as Dylan's friend

Dresden Leazott as Dylan's friend



Don Robertson / Jen Trentz / Suzanne Landsford / Donnell Stidhum / Angelique White / Russel Allen / Sonya Rose / Shannon Wallace / Irving James / Joy Hopps / Marcelino Martinez / Georgianna Anderson / Michele Grace / Christian Sherman / Amy Levine-Klaus / Susan Ross / David D'Agnolo / Jayde D'Agnolo / Pamela D'Agnolo / Michelle O'Connell / Eva Luise / Joe Gutierrez / Anjelica Trullson / Doug Doerhman / Trixy Sealman / Joshua Martin / Elijah Davis / Ruben Nino / Arlienne Scofield / Will Mumford-Toler / Michelle McCaughey


Producer/ Director/ Writer – Otto D’Agnolo

Camera – Ann Cabano

Camera – Rebecca Andress

Camera – Otto D’Agnolo

Camera - Steve Wargo

Camera - Emily D'Agnolo

Sound - Joshua Martin

Sound – Justin Bird

Sound - Paul Moncrief

Lighting – Ruben Ninõ

Lighting – Sean McIntosh

Lighting - Steve Wargo

Grip - Collin O'Brien

Make Up – Angela Friis

Make Up - Moni Luvs Effects

Script Supervisor - Anjelica Trulsson

Assistant Make Up - Vicente Favela

Assistant Make Up - Marely McDonald

Assistant Make Up - Cibola Henderson

PA – Janelle Loes

PA – Georgianna Anderson

PA - Will Mumford-Toler

Craft Services – Lisa Callan



Caffe Boa – Ahwatukee, AZ

Trattoria D'Amico's - Ahwatukee, AZ

Salty Sow - Scottsdale, AZ

3 Leaf Recording – Phoenix, AZ

TC Condos – Phoenix, AZ

Doehrman Company – Phoenix, AZ

Reckling Properties - Phoenix, AZ

Keller Williams Sonoran Living - Ahwatukee, AZ

Mia Studio - Scottsdale, AZ

Charlie McHugh Properties - Palm Springs, CA

Sun Studios of Arizona - Tempe, AZ

Moviestar Entertainment Properties - Phoenix, AZ

Scottsdale Music Company - Scottsdale, AZ

The Edgewood House - Mesa, AZ

Post Production:

Audio & Video – Mia Studios


Special Thanks:

Guy Villavaso, Dawn Nussbaum, Doug Lyons, Scott Rennard, Claudia D'Amico, Alessio Monti, Allison Lambert, Darrin Ramage, Guy Crawford, Wendy Crawford, J. Scott Merrell, Debbie Kramer, Jillian Phillips, Emily Bruce, Sean Cooney, Barry Cohen, Doug Doehrman, Mel Brown, Paula Smith, Craig Carter, Cliff Sarde, Steve Wargo, Jaylon Shane Kretchmar, Richie Laser, Micky Gutier, Alberto Gutier III, Jeff King, Scottsdale Music Company, Follow Up Results, Pro Tech Marketing

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